is a multidisciplinary experience designer
with a passion for sensory communication.

I like to operate in the space between experience, narratives, and technology. I believe in the power of expression to provoke questions and perceive alternative realities/futures. I also love open-ended stories and giving people the agency to create their own. I conceive and design physical, virtual, and hybrid experiences that aim to do just that.

Growing up bilingual between the UK and Japan, I was always in awe of how designers directly impact our lives not through words, but expressions and objects they design. I went to the top art school in Japan, Tokyo University of the Arts, to study BFA Design, but when that trained me more as an artist than a designer, I decided to pursue MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering at Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Graduating with distinction, I have since worked as an experience designer at Amplify for global brands from Google to Lego. So my creative practice takes the emotive, sensory, iterative approach to making that I established in Tokyo, applies the lens of strategic thinking, innovation, and rigour I developed in my masters, with a focus on collaboration and wearing the appropriate hat depending on the team.

Selected clients include:
Ars Electronica Festival