Hi! I’m Lisa, an experience designer that loves to question things, and get people to question things too. Questions are powerful because they can trigger curiosity, enquiry, and empathy.

I studied design at Tokyo University of the Arts, where I was trained as a maker and an artist. So I gravitate more towards questioning the unquestioned, and exploring what could be rather than what will be.

In my master's at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, I learnt to put these questions into real-world contexts. And more recently, at Amplify London I've learnt to use questions in the context of brands, to think strategically, to come up with concepts that tell stories from different perspectives, and to invite the audience to create their own stories.

I use expression to shift the way people think. I like to think of innovation not through behavioural but perceptual change.

In this portfolio I wanted to give a bit of an insight into the way I think & work: where I go from setting the creative ambition, then through research & conception I shape ideas, development through prototyping, ending up with a manifestation that responds to the initial ambition, finally conducting reflection on the whole process.

A little bit more on my current work at Amplify...
Working as a Creative, my job is to interpret client briefs, strategically compiling experience principles, and applying a narrative lens to create concepts that take the audience on an emotional journey through physical and/or digital experiences. My capabilities extend into spatial design and delivery, bringing the concept to life as a multisensory vessel imbued with carefully curated touch points that extend it temporally. Clients include CHANEL, Google, PlayStation, LEGO, Amazon

Creating experiences that shift perception

Physical experience
Conveying an abstract idea through experiences

Physical experience

Translating academic insights into a mainstream experience

Online experience
Turning a personal insight into an experience others resonate with

Audio AI experience
Concept & prototype
Prototyping a ‘what if’ to see how it feels

Physical computing

Cultivating a design language from a concept

Set design for TV spot
Physical experience

Creating a sensory experience beyond words

Physical experience
Learning through interactions in the wild

Physical experience
Reflecting on the process to extract the learnings

MA dissertaion