How do you turn kids’ dream cars real?

The Dream Car Generator

A set design for the launch TVC of LEGO Technic series

Nov 2022 | with Amplify
Spatial design concept modelled in Rhino 7           
To launch the LEGO Technic series, we were challenged to create a magical spot of “The Dream Car Generator”, where supercar fanatic kids will be able to create their dream car with LEGO bricks.


Within the project, I was tasked with coming up with the set design concept.

We created a spatial design that brought to life LEGO’s vision for a magical garage, where the kids can construct life-sized models of their dream supercars made of LEGO bricks. We partnered with Inertia Studios to create an interactive anamorphic content, which we housed inside a spaceship-inspired “garage”. The futuristic look and feel bled out into the physical space, where we used LED light strips to show how actual cars and LEGO products displayed in the space were connected to the experience via the central control panel. The chevron motif from the LEGO Technic branding was used to accentuate the experience flow.

The venue – Porsche Experience Centre in Silverstone – was a challenging space to work with, due to its distinct architectural features and corporate materiality. Initially, we thought to create a fully immersive, theatrical room inside the main foyer where we had full control over the look and feel – however we reinterpreted how a “garage” could feel, from a literal, conventional aesthetic to a more futuristic, laboratory inspired design, which allowed us to utilise the existing venue. We decided to create a design that would show the display elements getting “fed” into the Dream Car Generator.

The central consideration was how the space could be captured on camera and elevate the content and the narrative of the script. In order to create an effective entry moment, we sought to create a threshold walkway that took inspiration from the lighting of paint shops in car factories.

Another challenge was to come up with a compelling finale to the main experience, where the virtual LEGO supercar assembled within the anamorphic content is shown to “turn into” the physical product. As a charming ending and reveal moment, we showed the car get boxed up and carried along a conveyer belt inside the screen, which led out from the garage onto a platform as a physical box.

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